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GlucoLeader ™ Enhance Test Strips – GDH-FAD and GOD Enzymes

The Test Strips GlucoLeader ™ Enhance use GDH-FAD and GOD enzymes.

There are 2 methodologies that can distinguish glucose from other types of sugars. Non-glucose sugar, including maltose, xylose and galactose, can be found in certain formulas and biological drugs, or may result from the metabolism of a drug or therapeutic product.

When these non-glucose sugars are presented in the patient’s blood by means of GDH-PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) test strips, it is not possible to distinguish between glucose and other sugars, and consequently will produce a high glucose result which may suggest the need for clinical action. This can lead to inadequate insulin dosage and administration, potentially resulting in hypoglycemia, coma, and death.


GDH-FAD GDH (glucose dehydrogenase) enzyme: it is an enzyme that leads to a reaction that extracts electrons from glucose.

FAD (flavin-adenine dinucleotide) enzyme: is a coenzyme necessary for the reaction of the enzyme glucose dehydrogenase.

GDH-FAD test strips show no reactivity with any sugars other than glucose and have a better resistance to heat and oxygen.

GOD-glucose-oxidase FAD (GOD) enzyme: this enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of glucose with the formation of gluconic acid. This enzyme detects glucose levels, keeping track of the number of electrons passing through the enzyme and does not exhibit reactivity with any other glucose sugars. Both methodologies are not affected by the presence of non-glucose sugars.

GlucoLeader™ Enhance Tira de Teste da Glicose Sanguínea

`{`Tiras de teste`}` Enzima GDH-FAD – Solução Professional para uso em Hospital e facilidade em saúde.


GlucoLeader™ Enhance