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Services is a large part of HMD’s business.


Our services include:

OBM – Original Brand Manufacturer

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

ODM – Original Design Manufacturer

 If you want to insert your own brand into our current products, you can opt for our OBM service. All you need to do is provide us with your logo, the color of the product you want, the design of the packaging, the user’s manual translation in your local language. And then you can have your own product. It is very easy!

If you wish to have a meter that is different from all our existing products, for example, you can request our ODM service. You provide us with your idea or your design, and we turn your project into a real product.

In addition to these types of business, we also act in the development of new technologies, at the request of our clients.

Monitoring diabetes is our expertise.

If you are interested in participating with us in projects in the area of ​​diabetes monitoring, we are open to discuss your ideas.

If you have other non-diabetes related human health projects, HMD is also interested in learning from you and exploring new possibilities.

In 2015, HMD Brazil launched a technology transfer project with a public entity to support and develop local health products indicated for the monitoring of diabetes.

 In 2016, HMD Brasil began construction of a plant in Luziânia, Goiás, to produce glucose meters and test strips for glycemia. This project had the support of the local city hall and concession of land of 50,000sqm, 1,200sqm for the administrative department and 3,000sqm for the manufacturing area, in its first phase.